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Hello, we are Martyna and Dainius and here is our mini kennel Margas Briedis (Rainbow Moose in English), we breed mini wire haired dachshunds and we are located in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Although we are completely crazy about dogs, our first wire haired mini dachshund, Pelke (Giltine Vaivorykste) came to live with us from the Vaivorykste kennel quite recently - in 2017.


When we got Pelke not only we got a great dog, but we also got a friendship with the breeders of Vaivorykste kennel, who planted this idea later that Pelkė should also have puppies - and just so in the year of 2019 the Litter K was born - 6 wonderful little dachshunds came to this world.


The Litter K happened with the huge support of Vaivorykste kennel, and thus the litter was registered under Vaivorykste name. But now, a year later, out of great love and desire to continue the work we have started, the mini kennel Margas Briedis emerged.


Why a mini kennel? Because it is small, family - based and the only thing that matters to us is the welfare of our dogs.

Currently two female dogs are living in our kennel - Pelke (Gilitine Vaivorykste) and Kudra Vaivorykste, the daughter of Pelke. Pelke has already achieved excellent results in dog shows - she is not only  Lithuanian, but also Latvian and Estonian champion in both junior and adult categories, and also is the Baltic junior champion.


Kudra is a Lithuanian junior champion and is currently continuing her dog show career.

We can no longer imagine our lives without Pelke and Kudra, which bring so many colors, joy, and, of course, all sorts of crazy moments to our everyday lives. Do you want a new family member and experience the same? Let's talk.

Mini kennel Margas Briedis is registered within the FCI, Lithuanian Kennel Club, State food and veterinary service, is a member of Lithuanian Dachshund Club, the kennel pays taxes and is socially responsible.

All tests required for the breed were performed on our dogs: Genetic examination (DNA certificate), eye clearance certification and bacteriological examination.

Pelke's (Giltine Vaivorykste) pedigree.

Kudra's Vaivoryste pedigree.

Thanks for the photos: July photography, Svetlana Valoueva, Jurga Urbonaitė, Deimantė Rudžinskaitė, Jolanta Photography, Dovaldė BūtėnaitėPet city.

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